More About Me

This is me!

My name is Ileana Acosta Lopez, a native of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, mother of three amazing kids and former military wife. After spending 15 years in the health insurance business I decided to change gears and start to enjoy life doing something that I have loved for years “Real Estate”

I moved to the US 22 years ago and embrace the culture as my own. Been blessed with speaking two languages gives me the ability to be a guide and advisor for more than one line of customers making me the right person to work with you make your dream come true. 

On my free time I love spending time walking at the beach with my dog and meeting with friends and family. My hobby is traveling and exploring different parts of the world and the US. 

Now I am part of the amazing Vylla Home family, in wich I can help my costumer with the whole package under one roof. We can take care of you all the way from finding your dream home to the mortgage and all the way to the closing under one roof.. 

Taking all the worries out from you!